Friday, July 13, 2012

"The Zombie Apocalypse"

Lately I've been obsessing about the "Zombie Apocalypse". I guess it paved its way into my wild imagination.

Well lets face it. Once in our lives all those video games and movies have planted themselves right into our sub - conscious. It created a certain curiosity in our life, saying maybe this is possible, that somehow a Zombie Apocalypse is just waiting to happen.

In this special post of my "Look of the Day" series, I give you some Anti - Zombie survival tips I've learned over the years of playing the Capcom video games Resident Evil (1,2,3,4,5). Plus extra "no to dying" tips from the movies "28 Days/Weeks Later","Resident Evil franchise", the George Romero movies "Night of the living Dead" to "Dawn of the Dead" and of course Simon Pegg's "Shaun of the Dead".

I know this may sound extra geeky but really its better to be SAFE than SORRY!

LOOK 1 Alice 

1. Leather Jackets -  are essentials when it comes to the Zombie slaying field, basically it will keep you warm and well protected from those cannibals especially if they try to reach for your arms and such! 

*Zombie Trivia - Do you remember the first installment of the Resident Evil movie? The Red Queen told Alice all the details on what caused the T-Virus to spread, she said a mild bite or even a scratch can cause the human to be contaminated with the T-Virus carrier and soon they will have the urges of feeding on Human flesh*

2 .Cotton Tshirt to help you stay cool plus its easy to throw on whenever you need to get up and going!

3. Scarves - are better to be kept around you, it takes a Zombie a little longer to get to your neck to give the Kill, remember Resident Evil Extinction? Alice wears a heavy scarf to keep the Zombies off her neck!

4. Jeans - Its best to wear pants in this whole Apocalyptic bravado, to wear shorts or a skirt gives you the ticket to your own DOOM. "nuff said"

5. Combat Boots - Combat Boots are your saviors in this endeavor, since you can't go wrong with it! it helps you move around easier and its hard enough to kick those zombies away from you. '

6. Shotgun - In my years of experience of playing Resident Evil and such, the Shotgun is one of the most reliable weapons its strong and can easily blow the zombie in pieces, although the disadvantage is that bullets are quite limited, but nonetheless a good weapon to equip.

7. Katana -  One you run out of bullets and zombies are close, get your katana out and slice your way out! its sharp and light.

Look 2 - Katniss Everdeen the next level

Ok so this look may have come from a non-zombie movie but then again Katniss gives us a lot of style when it comes to the ass kicking field, so she's also a great prospect in this kind of situation.

1. Long sleeved Flannel shirt - This shirt is good especially if you want to keep warm in a cold weather. I assume once the Zombie Apocalypse comes the weather would start getting colder, I mean less warm bodies more dead ones... 

2. Black Skinny Jeans - I love how black jeans go well with everything, I prefer this color more than the blue denims, its versatile and very slimming. Skinny jeans are easier to wear with boots because it doesn't scrunch up, meaning if you had to leave and run for your life just slip it on your boots and scream away like there's no tomorrow (you have to run while doing it of course)

3. Back Pack - No not Dora's psycho talking purple back pack. Your back pack! It is your best bud when it comes to surviving this Apocalyptic game. It should have everything you need from a blanket to your go - to food (canned goods)

4. Machete - Just like the Katana, a Machete is a reliable weapon, you don't need to reload it and its sharp and big enough to get your way out.

5. Bow and Arrow - If Zombies are still quite out of your range, you can use this bad boy to aim for the kill.

6. Double Hand - guns - In the start of the game its default to have hand gun's because its easy to use and quite small, but! please do not forget that this gun doesn't have unlimited bullets.

Things your backpack should contain:

1. Canned Goods - It is important to have at least 1 canned food inside your bag, you still have to eat or else you'll get weak and the Zombie's will have a free ticket to eating you. 

2. Water Bottle - This is one of the most important things in surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. A water bottle will help you keep hydrated and even if you don't have food at least you have water for yourself (don't forget to fill it up of course!)

3. Sleeping Bag - A sleeping bag is not really an essential but it is important as well, it helps to keep you warm and comfortable. 

4. Face Towel - You still have to keep yourself clean right? even if the world is doomed proper hygiene should still be practiced.

5. Two - way radio - A two way radio is needed to call for aid (desperation) or to let other living breathing humans know they're not alone.

6. Gloves  - Gloves you ask? its to protect your dainty hands of course! haha 

7. First Aid Kit - The other most important thing in you're survival bag is this. It should contain anti-septic, band - aid, aspirin, paracetamol and etc. Never leave without it!

8. Extra Clothes - Nuff said. 

9. Artillery  - You need you're extra bullets for your favorite gun! Having no bullets means death my friend. 

10. Swiss Army Knife - You need this cool thing to open up locks, cutting up stitches and opening your can.

11. Aviators -  The single most flattering sunnies. 

So lets go see our new flesh eating friends! they're dying to meet you!

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