Saturday, February 09, 2013

Style & Design Academy Manila Launch

It was a night to remember, our dear friends and my mentors John and Paul Herrera launched their very own Fashion School. they were former teachers of "Fashion Institute of the Philippines", now with their renowned success and their love for teaching the Herrera brothers decided it was really time to open up their own  design school.

Style and Design Academy is located at the 3rd floor of Octo Arts Bldg Quezon City Philippines.

A State of the art "Fashion School" that caters to all budding and future fashion designers in the Philippines.The beauty and focus of Style & Design is for students to be freely explore their capabilities and skill, and that after graduating they will be able to hone the knowledge that they have possessed and use it through the course of their career towards fashion and etc.
(photo by John Herrera)
Style & Design Academy Manila curriculum designed by John Herrera

their curriculum consists of Fashion Designing, Pattern Making and even Fashion Styling plus Photography talks and lessons

with amazing faculty members such as John and Paul Herrera, Cheetah Rivera and etc :)

for more info please head on to their website!

(photo by John Herrera)
Mannequins on display to be used by students for classes and etc.

(Photo by John Herrera)
Lounge Area and Freedom board for the teachers and students

I have known John and Paul for a very long time, they have been my teachers from FIP in Ortigas about 3yrs ago and the best thing about these two is that they value each and every student they ever have, John and Paul encourages their students to do what they love to do, may you be a dunce at designing and pattern making, they're always there to help you. 

John and Paul created our Entourage dresses for my ate's wedding, John created ate's gown and I collaborated with Paul and ate for the design of the bridesmaids dresses. Both designers do not push their ideas, they create masterpieces to your desire.

Another great thing about them is that they aim to inspire people not for you to envy them.

Ate and Kuya

With my cousins :)

With the energetic and super funny EF (I hope I got the spelling right!)

Erik showing her edgy style :)

Kyra dawning her Vintage Twist

Grey Lolita :)

I had a real blast at the party and being with my family, if you guys are interested to enroll at Style & Design please visit their site! 


Paul Herrera said...

Thanks for this lovely article dear Aimee. See you real soon. 😀

Armie Aileen said...


this is a nice feature. more power to Style & Design Academy, most especially to our favorite twins John and Paul. Of course, to you as well my dearest sweet sister. love yah!

teresa bowen said...

Thank you for sharing this detailed information with us!

Philippines is one of the best in terms of hosting and not wondering because most of the Filipinos are talented.

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Charlie said...

How much is the tuition in Style and Design Academy?