Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Closet Inspirations - Spring Fashion

As we all know, Summer is definitely here in my Manila. Lets face it we kinda have this Love/hate relationship with it, so here are some ideas of what to wear this season!!

Look 1 - We are Young
So lets set the world on Fire we can burn brighter than the sunn,,, ohhh,, hehehe anyway, I personally love the Bohemian look, the relaxed romantic vibe is what makes me enamored with this trend. So if your up for a little bit of bohemian, why not try this one? :)

We are young

Felder Felder crop top
3,380 PHP -

Etro colorful skirt
35,045 PHP -

Gold shoes
5,915 PHP -

Cross body handbag
1,015 PHP -

Miss selfridge
1,055 PHP -

Round sunglasses
485 PHP -


This look is more on the feminine side, its still a little bit romantic, something you can wear on the beach or a date with your boyfriend :) a little sweet and subtle but classy and elegant.

Sweet Disposition

A Wear lace top
1,075 PHP -

Short shorts
1,230 PHP -

Gladiator sandals
1,175 PHP -

Cross body handbag
615 PHP -

Michael Kors chrono watch
10,150 PHP -

Braided chain bracelet
315 PHP -

Floppy wide brim hat
5,195 PHP -

8,930 PHP -

LOOK 3  - Scarlett O'Connor 

I love love love the tv series Nashville!! Its one of my favorite shows right now next to New Girl and Carrie Diaries. Clare Bowen's character Scarlett O'Connor was my inspiration in this set, Scarlett loves to wear pastel colors that emphasizes the beauty of her face and her fair hair, I love Scarlett because of her wonderful talent in writing lyrics, 

Scarlett O'Connor

Printed shirt
1,340 PHP -

Closed skinny leg pants
9,745 PHP -

Platform shoes
650 PHP -

Satchel bag
2,030 PHP -

405 PHP -

Here are just some styles you may like, and I hope this helps you turn the beat around with your Spring Wardrobe! 



Michael Macalos said...

Love it Dear ♥

Michael Macalos

Aine said...

Ooh, this is lovely. :D:D Boho pieces actually look good on pastel pieces, I noticed.

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