Friday, April 05, 2013

Book Highlights - The Selection "America Singer's Style" part 2

America's style defines very personality, simple yet sophisticated. She doesn't pretend like all the other girls in the Palace, and I think that's what Prince Maxon loved about her. Her simplicity exudes the very definition of a future Queen on Illea'. 

As per continuation from my previous post, here is some of the styles I have come up with from These styles are some of the chapters and scenes of the book that I have derived with my own interpretation! :) 

Lounging around her room
Lounging around the Palace

Forever New studded blouse
2,140 PHP -

Lace mini skirt
1,940 PHP -

Converse canvas sneaker
2,635 PHP -

Blue necklace
655 PHP -

Coral nail polish

Date with Prince Maxon

I couldn't really grasp what America wore to the date, but I assumed it was something simple yet elegant, since America was described as sweet and compassionate I opted to keep America in pastels instead of the vibrant colors that the other girls wear. She always did say that Prince Maxon was not her priority, and that being a royal was not in her very best interests. So I posed her as a little bit reluctant.

date with prince maxon

H M h m
925 PHP -

AllSaints cropped moto jacket
20,375 PHP -

Topshop flat shoes
2,290 PHP -

Gold handbag
1,580 PHP -

First Dinner with the Royal Family

It was described that America was wearing a blue - silhouette dress that gave the other girls a run for their money. She was the bell of the ball, and Prince Maxon was definitely caught by her beauty. She deemed as someone effortless no matter what she does, everything good, and everything beautiful exudes though her without even try too much.

In Blue and Gold

One shoulder dress
4,335 PHP -

Alexander McQueen high heel shoes
31,710 PHP -

Alexander mcqueen handbag
99,675 PHP -

Chanel fragrance
5,875 PHP -

More America Singer style posts coming soon! 

Hope you guys loved this sets :)



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