Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY Inspirations - Room Make over

My parents and I have been talking about fixing up my room, expanding it, repainting etc. It gave me an idea to start looking for "pegs" or inspirations on how I want my room to look like. As much as I try to fix it up, it always ends in chaos, I need and crave for space that I can call my own, and maybe  redecorating it would be the best case possible :)

I have a lot of plans for my room ever since I occupied it, I wanted it to have off - white colored cabinets, cream colored bed sheets and maybe even a canopy above my bed, but because of well lack of my own funds, I didn't get to design and decorate my room the way I envisioned it, I make use of everything I have, and decorate it the prettiest way possible.

Now that I have sort of a go signal from my parents that my room will be redecorated, I have a few tricks up my sleeves, so here are some inspiring deco's that I got from Pinterest and Tumblr, and the mood board that I made in Polyvore. I want a "Bohemian Chic/ Magic yet Romantic" inspired room, so I hope this post will help all those who want to do some redecorating in their own little spaces :)

Mood Board 1

Mood Board 1 by alysanerdychic14 featuring body jewelry

Mood Board's is an essential, it helps you be organized and it lets you keep track in what you want to create, may it be an art project, a simple redecoration or even a whole "Fashion Collection". Not only can it be used in art, but in so many things as well, so If your planning on doing something better get yourself a mood board to set everything. 

My mood board consists of everything that inspires me, My palette are all in pastels and neutral colors, I consider these colors as calm and collective, I've been practicing a lot of yoga lately, and it changed my very perspective in life, I want the room to look bright and enticing, at the same time quite romantic. As you can see I chose "Nude", "Periwinkle", "Baby Pink", "Lavender" and "Lemon Yellow". These colors is what's setting the style of the room straight. I want my room to be "Bohemian" inspired with a little feminine twist. 

The boho look, has always been my go to inspiration, I love how it has a sense of freedom and sophistication. When people go in my room I want them to feel relaxed, and I want them to feel at home, and that's what I am most aiming for.

Room Design #1

Bedroom design 4

Bedroom design 4 by alysanerdychic14 featuring tech accessories

Very feminine with the edgy twist I'm talking about, I personally love the whole "vintage - boho" vibe, and that is what I want to incorporate with the look of my room. I love elements and the colors that was used here, simple baby blues and rose pink, its both grown up and at the same time youthful as well.

Room Design # 2
Bedroom make - over 1 (Vintage)

Bedroom make - over 1 (Vintage) by alysanerdychic14 featuring asos

My Sister and I had a few ideas about the room as well, we opted to remove all the closets and make the room as our very own walk - in closet with beds. It will save a lot of space and give the room time to breathe plus its easier to clean! The beauty of this look is that your whole room is a make - shift walk - in closet, you wont have a hard time finding your stuff and ever reorganizing it because its all there :D

Room Design # 3

Bedroom Make Over design 2

On this design, I was still incorporating the "Walk  - In" closet room look, I used simoke colors and a few elements to complete the vintage chic vibe. I personally like clean bright spaces such as white, pastels and etc. I find it rather more beautiful than any striking color. 

Room Design # 4

Room design #3

Girly chic, is what I like to call this look. I was inspired with the beauty of the color, and that's what made me think of this design heehee :) I love designing rooms using polyvore, because it gives me an in-depth design on how I want it to look, with all the various brands and things that are in polyvore, my imagination just runs wild and starts creating something :)


Here are some images that gave me a lot of inspiration, its a whole random column of pictures that I think are super pretty, hope these images get you inspired as well.

I love Christmas decors, I love Christmas ornaments and the like, they're so beautiful and very creative, just like this DIY snowglobes, it reminds me of fairies and magic and thats what I love about it the most, simple elements such as these give a lot of light and beauty into a room. 

Ballet - I love everything about Ballet, its beautiful, its magical and its romantic. The tutu's the ballet shoes its just a classic girl thing. I mean who doesn't like the ballet? well maybe other people don't but I'm quite a typical girl when it comes to pretty things, Ballet and Ballerina's draw me so much, I find them very elegant and even stylish. I have not taken any Ballet lessons, but It was indeed my frustration, I wanted to become a Ballerina when I was young, but we didn't have the time and resources then, but my affinity with ballet never stopped.

Vial's intrigue me deeply, I love its whimsical mysteriousness. I am quite a different "girl" perse' I love Vampires and the Victorian era, and vials and just about anything that involves them immediately reminds me of something gothic, the art and persona of Vial's jolts my curiosity into a different level. 

Carousels are indeed magical, the ornaments the beautiful embellishments and the craft on how it was made. Carousels make me feel like it takes me to different places where only dreams can lead you there.

Carnival's, Circuses and the lights give an electric jolt that boosts up to 2000 volts in my cranium. Its kind of a creative explosion in my head, and I just cant stop my imagination running wild, maybe I was part of a circus in my past life or something, I just love its wild bohemian beauty.  

Anything and everything about Alice in Wonderland. Who doesn't love the macabre and beauty of Wonderland? Lewis Carroll's imaginative novel is a name all on its own, every adaptation was a perfect rendition of the books. 

I love Tarot Cards, I like looking at them and knowing each and every meaning of a particular deck, don't get me wrong though I have no proper clue how to read them. I would like to someday but I don't think I have the calling for it. I just love its pretty designs haha :)

I consider myself an old soul, I like things from the past, as an artist it gives me a lot to think about, and it gives me a lot of creative juices that just explodes when I work on something, the past has a lot of history, and it has a lot of beauty, that's what I love about it the most. Maybe I was born in that era, or maybe I'm just a hippie, but for what it's worth Its who I am, and I love it about myself.

So here are some of the things that inspired me to create my mood board, and how I'd like my room to look. I hope it was helpful to those who wanted a little bit of inspiration for their very own spaces. 


I hope you guys find this helpful and see you on my next post!



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