Thursday, May 09, 2013

Singapore Trip 2012 Part 3 (late post)

Ok Ok this is a very very late post but I kinda forgot to continue my travel series for Singapore. As you all know, SG is practically my home away from home, I could never get tired of this wonderful country, maybe its the exquisite lifestyle or maybe its the country itself that draws me. A couple of my High- school friends work in SG and I hope that someday I'd be able to join them as well :)

Anyways, Ill be going to SG once June comes, its one of our yearly family vacations and I can't wait to go shopping and visit my friends :)

Here's my PART 3 of my Singapore Trip 2012 hope you guys enjoy :))

My mom and Dad, waiting in line for Universal Studios (woot woot*)

My Aunt Mommy Cris, rocking her pink framed H&M shades :) 

Imma ride the movies TOOODAAAY :D haha :) getitng my Universal Studios ON y'all!! 
My lil sis Andrei and I were super excited for the newly opened "Transformers the Ride" we couldn't wait to get it :)

My crazy pop doing a pouty face and check out that guy at the back photo bombing at its best! hahaha 

Who doesn't love shopping? yep Ill be getting to it after I go to the rides :D 

Contrary to what you all my think, that is NOT my tummy, thats my shirt getting all bubbly hehe :D 

Excited tourists yup that's what we are :)

I regret not buying one of these babies, I melted like an ICE exposed.. it was frigging hot all over Universal, my baby sis was lucky enough to get one and I was deeply envious, I sweated like a pig. haha :) SO ILL BE GETTING ONE when I get back. The best thing about these bad-boys is its dual purpose, it's a fan and at the same time you can spray mist for your cooling satisfaction :D 

Now approaching DULOC, Lord Farquaad's famed Kingdom. 

Andrei and I bought these super cute Princess Fiona ears :) we wore it the whole time we're at the park.

Now approaching, EGYPT :)

Jackals guarding the Pyramids.

remember this buggers from The Mummy? they give me the bloody creeps just looking at them haha :) I kind of felt as if they're gonna jump and crawl, then eat me on the inside you know?

Welcome to Transformers the Ride! hehe, I forgot the name of this autobot, if anyone could help me out on this one, I would greatly appreciate it :)

Welcome to the NEST, its not supposed to exist so forget about it :D 

Waiting in line, and guess how long is the queuing? 1hr!

Mama's not too happy about the long line.. Papa's getting sleepy hehe :)

Last image for the part 3 of my Singapore Trip 2012, Part 4 coming up in just a bit!!


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