Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Outfit Inspirations

As we all know summer is about to end in most parts of the world, and school is now about to start once again. Everyone has been buzzing around twitter and facebook asking what shall they wear, what outfit should they choose, which celeb should they get inspired from and etc. The first day of school outfit is crucial for any girl, may she be in Grade School, High School or even in College. We all want to look our best. I for one never truly got the chance to wear my  "First Day of School" look since I wore a uniform my whole life! I know its sucks but I made the most out of it by just having fun.

Here are 5 outfits I came up with using Polyvore for that special "First Day of School" blues


Skater skirts are officially a staple trend, its cute, its flattering and it's oh so easy to wear, just pair it with a graphic shirt or even a simple top the skirt itself will do the trick. I for one love this trend I own a couple of skater skirts and I still can't get enough! Its a perfect way to look a little dressy but not too much. It gives the right kind of girlishness to any top you throw on it!

Back to school outfit 1

Graphic tee
1,180 PHP -

Pilot red skirt
700 PHP -

Madewell white shoes
1,970 PHP -

Blue backpack
1,695 PHP -

Michael Kors chronograph watch
10,950 PHP -

Vera Wang floral perfume
2,145 PHP -


I personally love this outfit because of the Kimono - Cape, it gives a romantic vibe to the look. Since I am quite bohemian myself, I would definitely choose this over all the looks I created hehe, but anyway. Wearing Kimono's can be a little tricky, sometimes it creates a very seductive approach so its really up to you on how you wear it. In this look I paired it with a simple dress because the Kimono itself was already overwhelming. You wanna look classy, never trashy and just a little bit sassy!

Back to school outfit 2

Tucker strappy dress
5,030 PHP -

Alexander mcqueen cape
41,840 PHP -

Office tan booties
5,760 PHP -

Nine West fringe handbag
2,320 PHP -

Zoe Chicco black vintage jewelry
120,475 PHP -

Madewell vintage eyewear
2,170 PHP -


Another must - have item that has become a staple when it comes to clothing is the Camo - Jacket. I have become obsessed with finding the right color for myself. The camo - jacket creates a kind of toughness to any outfit and at the same time it gives a really fashionable appeal. The jacket itself is already quite loud so just a simple tee, shorts or jeans would do when you wear it!

Back to school Outfit 3

T By Alexander Wang v neck shirt
3,505 PHP -

Madewell light weight jacket
23,175 PHP -

Pull&Bear high rise jean shorts
1,355 PHP -

Jeffrey Campbell short boots
10,075 PHP -

Charlotte Russe snap bag
1,445 PHP -

Vanessa Mooney beaded strand necklace
6,835 PHP -


Wearing a beanie can sometimes be tough, especially if we want it to stay on our heads.When you wear a beanie, you have to make sure to keep the rest of your outfit light and simple, because just lie the camo  - jacket, this item itself is already a picker upper. It makes a statement of its own. So I chose to pair it with simple pieces such as the oversized tee and washed out jeans. Simple yet very fashionable.

Back to school Outfit 5

American Vintage white linen top
5,040 PHP -

Marc by Marc Jacobs blue jeans
12,050 PHP -

Strappy sandals
655 PHP -

Madewell drawstring bag
10,865 PHP -

Agent Ninetynine slouch beanie
800 PHP -

H M plastic eyeglass
405 PHP -


I created another skater skirt ensemble because like I said in Outfit # 1 pairing skater skirts is very easy. You can dress it down or up, its solely up to you. Its versatility is endless when it comes to mixing it up. So I strongly suggest for you guys to get yourself a solid color one to have numerous combinations with just one skirt.

Back to school Outfit 4

Longsleeve shirt
1,180 PHP -

Theory skirt
19,625 PHP -

Lucky Brand gray flat
3,460 PHP -

Mudd vintage denim backpack
1,315 PHP -

Michael Kors stainless steel bracelet
7,885 PHP -

Antique brass pendant

American Apparel bow hair accessory
440 PHP -

I hope you guys find this very helpful
 Comment below your favorite look! 
is it #1,2,3,4 or 5?

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maxi dress's good parter fashion blazers

Jodie Marie said...

I really love outfits 2 and 3! Lovely post :)

Jodie Marie | à la Jode

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I think this one will suit for back to school!TRY!

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I like the OUTFIT # 4! So Cool!

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I really love outfits 2 and 3! Lovely post