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Book Highlight - "Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare"





I have been following Cassandra Clare’s world of Shadowhunters for many years. I started with Clary Fray’s journey into becoming a Shadowhunter, to Teresa Gray’s mysterious origin of whom and what she really is. These book series have captured my heart. I have always been looking forward to every new instalment to their series, and it is no surprise that I have each and every one of it, from the City of Bones to City of lost Souls, Clockwork Angel to Clockwork Princess. I have been enamoured and beguiled by Cassandra Clare’s creation that somehow I fancy myself becoming a Shadowhunter, but we all know that fantasy is far from becoming true! Yet the kid in our hearts, we still look forward to a magical world that will help us escape our realities.

Plot/ Summary:
Tessa Gray has long been battling the past that keeps haunting her, Tessa has finally put herself to rest knowing that her problems are nearing the end. She’s about to get married to a wonderful man, Jem Carstairs and Tessa is supposed to be happy, although why isn’t she? Is it because of thought of hurting Will? Or is it because she knows that the darkness that Mortmain brings is because of her, what will happen now? How will they find him and when will they get him into justice. Tessa and the London institute is willing to fight him, but the newly appointed consul is doubting Mortmain’s plans. They debunk the London institutes claims of a revolution. And to their dismay, Mortmain has a bigger hold than they could imagine, he took all the medicine that keeps Jem alive. They are trapped in his plans so much more than they could imagine. As Tessa finds her true self by embracing her power, she unlocks the mystery that this must be or she must be the key to their salvation, but will this be enough to finally stop Mortmain?


The Infernal Devices are one of my favorite series of all time, next to the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. I guess I love the Victorian/Edwardian setting. Its more majestic and magical, I mean I already live in this age and those times it was all about glamour, beauty and craft. So book series from that decade rekindles the old lady in me. I have to say, I loved the book. The ending was a little unexpected but the story itself was gracefully done. There is not enough authors that create a fictional series that is truly original. Cassandra Clare is one of the many few that has created her very own story. Nowadays, book series consists of vampires, werewolves and dystopian copies from their originals. These were only one of the reasons why I consider the author a true creator. The book was full of suspense, I was even frightened at some parts because of the automatons, it had a vivid description of how monstrous they are. The fight scenes were incredible as well, this book was a roller coaster ride!

I was applauding Tessa for her ability to control her powers, she was and is one of the most powerful heroines of all time. I love that she was brave, she controlled herself to becoming the true Warlock/Shadowhunter that she is. She was so cool! but still I couldn't believe that this is the last book. I wanted more from this series.The character development was excellent, each and everyone of them finally grew up, even the dreaded Gabriel Lightwood. It was a mix of old and new, and that's what made this installment very special. 

In this last installment I found myself accepting Tessa's choice towards Jem's wedding proposal, it was a selfless act.She didn't say yes because she wanted to get back at Will, it was because Jem was the one who needed her the most, no matter how much she loved Will, she already gave Jem her word, and that is to be his, she didn't break her word, even if it would mean to hurt the man she truly loves. I for one found Jem selfish. He deliberately created misery among everyone in the institute. I know a lot of people would not agree with me on this, but I know for a fact Jem was better than that. He finished his Yin Fen and.. ooohh boy created a whole lot of chaos, truth be told Jem created his own demise, and I was truly disappointed, it was such a turn around for him, but at the same time I know the author had her reasons. On the other hand, Will Herondale was my favorite character in the whole book 3. He was wiser, he was more patient to sum it all up, Will Herondale grew up to be a great Shadowhunter. I loved his tenacity, and his passionate personality, he may be stubborn and cold, but Will is just misunderstood. Will Herondale is an exceptional protagonist. Just like Peeta Mellark, he will go his way just to save the person he loves. I for one believe that Will is one of the truest hero in fictional history. He was the epitome of the term "Knight and Shining Armor"

I saw the connection of the Infernal devices to the Mortal Instruments, it was very clever of Cassandra Clare, I think she's the George Lucas of books. haha. I read how interconnected each and every one of them are. Every character from the Mortal Instruments to the Infernal Devices, it was brilliant. I give this book a two thumbs up, even if the ending is not how I wanted but still, the book was amazeballs. I highly recommend this series to the Mortal Instruments fans, because the Infernal Devices will not disappoint.

“I am catastrophically in love with you.” 
 - Will Herondale

Any one else loving this series? If so, give me your thoughts about the ending! 

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