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Book Highlight: Lives of Magic by Lucy Leiderman


          Gwen just moved in Oregon, she's starting a new life. She was in a new town, new school and maybe she may even gain new friends. She was leading a typical teenage life, but not until she was kidnapped by Kian. He warns Gwen that she is in terrible danger, Kian tells her of an Ancient war that is about to be unveiled once the three evil magicians who are after her get hold of power, and that in order for her to survive, Gwen must come with him.

Gwen and Kian venture off to New York to unlock her past and gain her powers, slowly Gwen starts to dream of a life that she cannot recall. She was a lover, a fighter and a wife. 

As time progresses, Gwen and Kian find others that are just like her, warriors ready to face off into the unknown world. They travel into England with Seth, Garrison and Moira to battle an ancient secret that they may not be ready for.  

Thoughts & Review

I was particularly drawn to the book the moment I saw the cover in the Net Galley library. It was really eye - catching! I think that is one of the best marketing strategies when it comes to books, keep your covers breathtaking and your title enticing. When I read "Lives of Magic" as its title I thought to myself, hey this is going to be pretty good, and boy was I in for a treat. I was very fortunate enough to be able to gain access with this book ahead of time so thank you DUDURN publishing for giving me the opportunity.

I expected a lot of thrills, a lot of chills and an all around action packed book. When I read books, I get a little impatient (sorry for that trait of mine) I want to know what happens and I want to know what ticks the time. I was hoping for the answers to slide in smoothly and even tried to cheat myself by trying to sneak a peak. The book kept me glued, I was enamored by the way Lucy Leiderman introduced her shift between worlds meaning, Gwen's past and the now. It was as you can say "magical" Gwen dreams about her past and so does everyone else, it was a fresh take on Y/A's nowadays, and truth be told it is a fresh take on books. I haven't been this excited since Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (my personal favorite) I mean imagine living lives over and over again, and never knowing that you had a secret past, and it was not any ordinary past but a past that was only made in fantasies.

I liked Gwen a lot she was strong willed and a little stubborn but that's what makes her a great protagonist she's quite an anti - heroine. Her past was filled of secrets, and not just any secret but "deep dark ones" haha. She was interlaced with a Roman warrior from behind enemy lines while married to someone else, that is just way on top of my list of scandals. It was riveting and intriguing. Kian was quite peculiar from the start, he was all over Gwen, he was even quite the crazy psycho boyfriend type, but at the same time, being that young and carrying a lot of responsibilities was hard for him. I mean I have to say he was quite a like - able character as well. In fact all characters were a life of its own. Seth was the gorgeous sensitive guy, Garrison was the geeky but cute one and Moira was the snobbish Irish girl.

 The only thing that quite concerned me is the lack of information about them being great magicians, and in what way as a magician? Did they gain their powers out of genetics or was it in a form of witchcraft? I dunno, I needed more answers in that perspective. Yet what is a book series without a mind boggling 1st book right? so I expect the other books to be as mysterious as this first one. 

The twists and turns of this book is endless, it will keep you hanging, and that's what's best about it.The author definitely did a great job in creating loopholes, this was a fun book to read. 

Lives of Magic comes out on
Jan 4 2014 
So to all you book lovers out there 
watch out for it!

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