Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Highlight - Notes from the Backseat by Jody Gehrman


Gwen Matson is not insecure, she was always confident about herself. She may be a little odd, especially when it comes to fashion. Never did Gwen question who she is as a person because for Gwen retro fashion is everything to her. The main key that defines her is Classy, a little sassy but all around sophisticated. She deems herself as a Jackie'O reincarnation. 

Yet there is always a catch to a little fox like Gwen, every relationship she ever had only lasts for 3 months, lets just say Gwen has commitment issues. After her father ran out on Gwen and her mother, no man can ever be truly trusted anymore, and now it seems like her very perfect relationship with a new man named Coop, is getting in between the lines of her 3 month relationship curse. Now that they're starting to get truly serious she's in woes of his Coop's fidelity epecially when he invites her to a friend's wedding up in Mendocino. Coop not only brings Gwen, but his ultra  - blonde, ultra - demonic yoga instructor best friend! Gwen couldn't help but be insecure. Now, she fears they're heading into a brink of a bad break - up! To help Gwen keep her sanity her best friend gives her the ultimate pick me upper, a journal to keep her thoughts away. Hoping this saves her relationship, Gwen embarks into a journey like no other. 

Thoughts & Reaction

I was wildly entertained by Jody Gehrman's book, I loved how it reminded me of "Sisterhood of the Travelling pants" meets "Princess Diaries" It was a kind of book I've been looking for, simple but makes total sense. Gwen was such a cool character, yes she's quite different, and she may look like she's living in a different era but that's what makes her incredible! her style is so 60's, Gwen showed so much love and devotion for Coop by being the bigger person by letting her anger go. I mean we all have those moments where get to be that green jealous monster when it comes to our boyfriends, especially if just like Gwen his psycho best friends are the ultimate babe! haha. I mean this book relates to any woman with insecurities, I have to say it is quite empowering as well. All the while Gwen was keeping her composure and much less not having urge to murder Dannika because truth be told if I was her, I must have pushed her off the cliff or something. 

I have to say I have a high regards for Coop, I mean all those years he never fell for Dannika's diabolical schemes, he deserves a big pat on the back! By the way has anyone else imagined Chris Hemsworth as Coop? if this was a movie he would be a total match for Coop's character! the handsome rugged look, muscular, tall with long hair ahh perfection <3 ok ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Notes from the Backseat would have to be one of my favorite books this year, it made me laugh, it made me cry it was an all around package! kudos to Ms. Jody Gehrman for creating such an awesome book. 

Have you read this novel? If not do check out the preview on Google books! check out the direct link below!

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