Saturday, August 10, 2013

Floral Daydreams

With my latest obsession with floral prints and anything bohemian, I decided to wear something in the mix of both. I recently purchased a beautiful floral crown from "Apostrophe" in Glorietta, and thought to myself, what better way to make my outfit more boho is to wear my flower crown? I knew from the moment I saw it, I really had to have it. It wasn't a spur of the moment buy, it was something I actually dreamed of having. I pondered on the possibilities when I purchased it, I can wear in almost anything, but in the right combination.

Striped Cardigan from Regatta | Floral Aquamarine top from Sam's Station | Brick red shorts from Forever 21

Wearing something a little boho can make any outfit look quite romantic, because for me when you say bohemian its free, its light and its relaxed, and that was what I was really going for. Simple yet sweet and romantic. 

Water Jar necklace from H&M

When you wear something that has a bold color and prints, I think its best if you wear accessories that will not contrast the vibrancy of  your outfit. The better way to accessorize it is to keep it neutral and light, because everything else is already flashy.

Flower Crown from Apostrophe

After all as Coco Chanel would say "Fashion is Architecture; it is a matter of proportions"

I was actually happy about the result of my little experiment. I was quite afraid on how it will turn out. I kept second guessing myself, and then I told myself, wait just suck it up, be confident about what you're wearing you look good. As a matter of fact, you really look great. Sometimes I really get days where in no particular reason I feel utterly ugly, so when it comes to days such as that, I push myself to keep on going and to stop being insecure, because truth be told, insecurity will get you nowhere, this is who you are, and the only thing you have to do is to love yourself. 

My cousin and I were in a debate on how ill pose for my pictures, truth be told I'm really quite awkward and I dont know how to properly pose. So what we did was to just go with it, and I told myself fine Ill do a yoga pose just to keep myself going. Voila! a Vrishasana or "tree pose" for y'all. 

Ok I have to admit I'm a little crazy.. haha

Words to ponder on "Class and Status is not measured by how expensive your clothes are, but its how you are as a person."


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