Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Quite Bohemian

Ever since I've been doing a lot of yoga I noticed a difference within myself. I started becoming more positive and even more patient than I usually am. My whole well being has changed and even my style preferences. I used to be all about what's in and what's this and that. So truth be told I didn't know what I wanted.

Yoga has taught me me to love myself more, It has taught me to be kind and have a peace of mind. Now I accept who I truly am, crazy, kooky and a little bohemian. 

Floral Sweater c/o ROMWE.COM | Shorts Thrifted

I recently had an affinity with anything lose and comfortable I guess it comes from having the bohemian vibe. I opted to wear one of my recent Romwe gifts so Thank you very much Romwe.com for this wonderful pink floral sweater. It definitely added to my bohemian mood. 

And yes I am holding on to that DQ cup for my dear life, my cousin/photog was giving me the stink eye saying "girl, you better not drop that" haha :) anyway. I did yoga not because I wanted to lose weight or gain a bikini body whatsoever. I practiced yoga because I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to stay healthy, it has given me a chance to exceed my own expectations about myself. I have more confidence, I wear the clothes I don't usually wear and I even improved my very own style. I gained my own style by embracing my inner bohemian. This isn't about looking attractive, that's just a bonus, but its about accepting what God has given me. 

Yoga is the perfect opportunity
to be curious about
who you are

 - Anonymous 


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Valerie Angel said...

Cute sweater. :)

By the way, I am hosting a fashion giveaway. You should check it out and enter, if you please.

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